Maintenance Plans

Enjoy the peace of mind with our watchful eye and skilled hands performing consistent home maintenance.

Along with typically scheduled lawn or pool maintenance, we are offering afforable plans to help you keep maintenance on your home up to date. We believe that regularly scheduled work on your home can help avoid costly repairs from gradually appearing.

Some reports indicate that on average, homeowners will spend between 1 to 4 percent of a home’s value annually on maintenance and repair. For the average $200,000 home, that amounts to between $2,000 and $8,000 per year!

Our plans help reduce those costs significantly.

The best part is our no obligation, cancel at any time policy!

All plans include the following features:

2 ½ year workmanship warranty

All maintenance documented

Set day scheduled each month

All contractors are licensed

All contractors are insured

Strict non-smoking jobsites

Automated billing system

Discounted materials

Mobile friendly portal

Plan Choices


2 hours each month.

30% Savings off standard rates

$100 / Month



1/2 day (4 hours) each month.

10% Off Coupon* every 4 months.

30% saving off standard rates.

Rollover Hours

$200 / Month.



Full day (8 hours) each month.

10% Off Coupon* every 3 months.

30% saving off standard rates.

5% Savings off material purchased.

Rollover Hours

$400 / Month.



2 hours each quarter (every three months).

30% saving off standard rates.

Rollover Hours

$100 / Quarter.


Common Handyman Tasks

Maintenance painting

Toilet repair

Air filters changed

Sprinklers checked/repaired

Door repairs/weather striping

Pressure washing

Gutters cleaned

Roof repairs/inspections

Hang pictures

Plumbing repairs


Drywall repairs

Christmas lighting


Tons of minor repairs