About Us

mike starke photo

We are an Arizona General Contractor who specializes in remodeling residential homes and providing Master Handyman Services. Our founder, Mike Starke, a licensed General Contractor, Master Handyman and Phoenix/Strawberry resident since 1981, is committed to providing unsurpassed service to each and every customer.

Licensed and bonded by the State of Arizona, EMS Constructors did not just roll into town during the last housing boom. Mike has worked homes in our Valley for over 30 years committing himself to the construction trades. Driven by customer service, we pride our self in offering a warranty policy that meets and commonly exceeds those required by the Registrar of Contractors. By doing so, we have instilled the confidence this Contractor Service will be here tomorrow.

Unlike most other remodeling and Handyman companies, EMS Constructors also has the unique ability to scale from the smallest of handyman projects, to million dollar remodel and new build projects. We are truly your one-stop shop.

EMS Logo

Our logo is meant to represent an old fashioned white picket fence. It is also the identity of our subsidiary, SimplyAging llc; a company which specializes in retrofitting homes for the elderly and those physically challenged. Even more so, it is our symbol of good old fashioned values and commitment to customer service.

Through our partners in banking, and others who provide unlimited finance opportunities, to our real estate team, we have a body of Valley professionals committed to providing you safety, service and security back in your home.

Our vision, through excellence in customer service, is "to make Home . . . . Home again."